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Van Guard Plus CVP                                           (6 weeks) March 31

 (parvo Virus)                                                     


Van Guard Plus 5/CV-L                                        (8 weeks) April 14

(Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2,Parainfluenza, Parvo, Leptospira)

Van Guard Plus 5/CV-L                                         (11 weeks) May 5

Van Guard Plus 5/CV-L                                         (14 weeks) May 26


Albon                        March 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

(Preventions of Bacterial infections/Parasites)            


Pyrantal                   (2 weeks) March 3

(Wormer)                   (4weeks) March 17

                                (6 weeks) March 31

                                 (8 weeks) April 14


Panacur                   (7 wks) April 7, 8, 9

(3 day Wormer)                  

Panacur                  (11 weeks) May 5

                               (14 weeks) May 26


Rabies booster         (14 weeks) May 26

                               Every 2-3 yrs



* Shots and Dates in red are only my opinion as to when they should be given.


All Veterinarians have different opinions as to when shots should be given.  Most say that it is a waste of money and slows down the immune system to give shots before 8 weeks of age.  My veterinarian recommends giving the Van Guard plus 5/CV-L at 8 weeks, 11 weeks, again at 14 and to ask your vet about giving them another shot at 17 weeks.  How you decide to give your puppy shots is up to you, but it is always good to consult your veterinarian.


I feed all my puppies Diamond Puppy Food.

          To help your puppy through this stressful time of being taken away from its mother, all the traveling and the scares that come with being in a new place. I highly recommend this brand of food for your puppies.

          Once you and your puppy are settled into a routine, I recommend switching your puppy’s food to Diamond Lamb and Rice large breed puppy food.  This is in your puppy’s best interest.  It slows down their bone growth and is better for his/her joints.

          Switch the food slowly so you don’t upset your puppy’s tummy.

First Week - ¼ cup new food and ¾ cup old food.     

Second Week - ½ cup new food and ½ cup old food.

Third Week - ¾ cup new food and ¼ cup old food.

Fourth week you should be feeding all new food.

 If you have anymore questions please feel free to call or email me.


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