Shipping Notice:  I am ask $115 extra for puppies that need to be shipped.  This price includes:  $40 for the puppy crate, $25 for  the health certificate, and $50 for my 290 mile round trip to the airport.  That does NOT include airfare.  Normal airfare is usually $235.  VIP airfare is usually $325, I do avoid this as much as possible.   The total amount for shipping that you will be paying me is $350.  This covers ALL standard shipping costs.  Again, if your puppy needs to be shipped VIP you will be charged extra.

Shipping during certain times of the year is very tricky.  If the temperature is 10 degrees or less and 85 degrees or higher any where on the itinerary then we are unable to ship.    So Please keep this in mind when making the decision to adopt a puppy.  The prices I give you are just a very close estimate.  We can not know the price until the airport cargo area weighs the puppy and crate.  Shipping is very safe and I trust it completely or I would not be shipping puppies this way.

Payment and shipping fees are due one week prior to shipping.  If you fail to pay in full 24 hours before the planned shipping date,  I will not ship the puppy.  IF you fail to pick up the puppy up at the airport, within 24 hours of arrival, I will have the puppy shipped back to me.  Your puppy will be sold to someone else and there will be NO REFUND.  When the puppy has to be shipped back to me I have to pay shipping costs and boarding costs.  Once the puppy is back to us and IF it has not been sold when you contact me, depending on the circumstance, you can choose to pay all the extra fees and have your puppy returned to you, but 0nly if I feel it would be in the best interest of the puppy.  Believe me, this has happened before!

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

***Remember to make arrangements, if something happens and you can't pick up your puppy.  At least let someone know you are getting the puppy so they may contact me and let me know what is going on.  Post notes up around the house for shipping information and also notify friends and family as much as possible.  I understand that sometimes these puppies are surprises, but there must be someone you can share this with.   If I am contacted most the time we can get something worked out.  I am willing to work with you.  When I am unable to contact you because of this problem I am assuming that you are irresponsible.  I have to look out for the well being of my puppies.

The total amount for shipping that you will be paying me is $350.