German Shorthair Pointers



(White and Liver, Patched and Ticked X White and Liver, Patched and Ticked)

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Birth Date

April 2, 2010

Available for personal pickup

Available for shipping

We Have one Male White and Liver Available!

See Pictures Below - Jette - $800

Puppies will be Dual Registered with AKC and FDSB (Field dog stud book with American Field)

We kept all 3 of these males and have started them with pheasants.  We have been working on there pointing skills with a wing on a string/stick.  They are doing great.  They are very aggressive with it.  They are also crate trained.  Sit.  Working on Stay.  They both retrieve very well.  Both a ball and the wing.  These young boys are going to make outstanding hunters.


Male # F6 - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched and Ticked



Jette has huge drive.  He retrieves a ball perfectly!  He points at the wing.  He is very aggressive when it comes to birds.  He is as gentle and can be with kids, and other dogs.  He has not been out to the field yet hunting, and may take a firm hand to keep under control.  He listens very well but when he gets on a sent, he tends to want to tune me out!  He wants that bird!  He is very much a puppy yet.  His brothers went to a hunting home and by the end of the year last year were hunting and on the last hunt they retrieved every bird.  He has HUGE potential.  And will be ready for hunting season of 2011 after a little bit of work!






6th Born - Male - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched (big patch on neck and small patch on base of tail, mostly white)

This boy has very light ticking.  His spots will come in darker with age.




Female # F1 - White and Liver - Patched and Ticked




1st Born - Female - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched (most patched)

The ticking is just starting to come in.  Spots will get darker.

She is the smallest in the litter.  She is also the most outgoing as of 4 weeks old.



Female # F2 - White and Liver- Patched and Ticked



2nd Born -  Female - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched

(very dark liver, thought she was black at first)

She is one of the bigger puppies in the litter.  Her spots will come in darker yet.



Female # F3 - White and Liver -  Solid Liver head, Ticked - No patches




4th Born - Female - White and Liver - Solid Liver Head, No patches

She has very light ticking.  Spots will come in darker.  She has NO patches.



Male # F4 - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched and Ticked





3rd Born - Male - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched (tiny white spot on neck)

He is lightly ticked.  His Spots will come in darker. 


Male # F5 - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched and Ticked





5th Born - Male - White and Liver - Solid Liver head, Patched

This boy is one of the biggest in the litter.  He has heavy ticking.  Spots will come in darker.  He has 3 small patches.  One on each side and one on the base of his tail.



$200 (non-refundable) deposit needed to hold your puppy.

Currently accepting deposits!

Price: $900 - Limited Registration

               - $350 (shipping expenses, airfare) - if needed.


Deposit are non-refundable.  If I am unable to provide you with your puppy from this litter you can choose to have your deposit returned to you or get bumped to the next litter.

Puppy Care Package:  The puppies come with this puppy care package.  This consists of 2 non skid bowls, toys, chew bones, collar, along with other puppies supplies, and a Doctors Foster & Smith magazine.  All these products vary depending what is in stock.

The Puppy Price:  I am asking $900 for the puppies.  This is pet price.  Included in this price is:   A 2 year genetic health guarantee, current vaccinations,  and a complete shot record and puppy food.  Each puppy is handled daily from the time they were born.  They are raised by our family with children and shown the love and attention a puppy needs.  The puppies had their dew claws removed  and tails docked at 3 days old by a vet, at which time they have their first of two check-ups.

All puppies are registered with: American Field FDSB (Field Dog Stud Book)  registration.  If you would like the papers for breeding, showing, or field trials an extra fee of $300 is charged.  This can be paid at any time.  Before you get the puppy or even a year or more after you get the puppy.  There is no expiration date.

Microchip is available for  an additional $35

I am now taking deposits ($200) if you want to put your name on the waiting list.  Shipping is available at your cost. 

I Highly recommend NuVet Vitamins.  I give them to all of our dogs and puppies!  I don't believe there is a better vitamin for your puppy out there!

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