~ Millers Triumphant Tess ~

~ Tess ~

Breed: German Shorthair Pointer

Sex: Female

Born: March 6, 2007a

Color: White and Liver, Ticked

Eyes: Brown eyes


Height at shoulders:


Tess is AKC registered. 

I will be working on getting her registered with American Feild Dog Stud Book (FDSB)


Tess is such a sweet girl.  Always on the hunt no matter where we are at.  We just got her this winter (2010/2011) and she has fit in so well and is already so attached to us and our kids. Her nose is always down.  She is calm, sweet, loving.  And incredibly well mannered.  I LOVE love this girl.  A perfect addition to our family.

Tess is pregnant in these photos. 

Can not wait to get some great pictures of her in action in the fields.