~ Rose L7's RawhideRoany ~

~ Roany ~


Breed: German Shorthair Pointer

Sex: Male

Born: 7/18/2005

Color: Liver and White, Roan and Patched

Eyes: Brown eyes


Height at shoulders:


Roany is duel registered through AKC and American Feild Dog Stud Book (FDSB)


Roany is one of Rose L7's best hunters. 

His speed, his drive is absolutely amazing. 

When our hunters come each season all they want to know is if they get to go hunting behind Roany. 

Many of those hunters would be glad to write references to his ability!

In no way do these pictures do Roany justice.  He is so beautiful.  Roany does not stay with us, he stays with Gary at the main ranch.  Fever is here with us.  We had Roany with us for a couple weeks which is when I took these pictures.  It was COLD out.  Up at Gary's he sleeps in a barn, here he got to sleep in our heated kennels.  All he could think about was getting back into the warm building.  He was living like a king, girls, warmth, you name it.  Until I made him take pictures.