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Your senses come alive and your heart races at the sound of cackling wild roosters bursting into flight.



Gary Rose with 12 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 14 gun cases!



Special Notice!!! - We are expecting puppies!

We once again will have puppies sired by Roany.  The past puppies are gorgeous. 

A ton of Color: Liver Roans and White and Liver.

Click on the available puppy link above. 

Our family has been providing top quality hunting since 1997.  We have some of the finest hunting  ground around.   For hunts we provide:   pheasant, deer, and even prairie dog hunting.  We send a hunting guide and dogs with you on every hunt.  You are also welcome to bring your own dogs with you.

     South Dakota is one gigantic hunting preserve, a mixture of farms, ranches and some of the world's friendliest peopleSouth Central South Dakota has been labeled "The Pheasant Capitol of the World" and for good reason.  No other region compares to the wild pheasant numbers found in this part of the State and South Dakota has a reputation for pheasant hunting second to none.

     “GROUND-ZERO”.  The Rose L-7 Ranch is located in the heart of this area known as the "Golden Triangle" for South Dakota pheasant hunting -- An area between Gregory, Winner and Chamberlain and at the foot of the Buffalo Buttes.

      During your hunt, your guide will be Gary Rose (ranch owner) and his family.   

     We are truly thrilled that you as our friends are joining us on what we believe will be a hunting venture filled with life long memories.

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